While playing dominoes (I LOVE THIS GAME) in a friend's backyard in NJ a couple of summers ago, we noticed an unmoving Cicada clinging to a nearby tree.

The size of the beetle surprised me so I snapped a shot of it. This photo does not do the insect any justice.

Imagine my shock, though, when I realized, at least half an hour later that the insect was literally climbing out of its shell!

Fascinated, I snapped more photos of the shedding Cicada; but, in all honesty, I shuddered the entire time that I tried to get the perfect photo. As amazing as seeing such a natural experience unfold before me was, I was still grossed out by the Cicada's large eyes and legs. (Yes, yes, I know that as a mom, I am going to have to get used to dealing with bugs. AHHHH! It still weirds me out that my sister and I used to catch fireflies when we were younger.)

In researching the beetle (it took me HOURS to find it), I found that the Cicada truly is an interesting creature. A mature Cicada has wings! (I expect Equis to appreciate nature.)

To learn more about Cicadas and see time sequence photos of a mature Cicada molting, click here.



09/01/2011 2:18pm

I'd like to truly appreciate this wonder of nature but..still...I think they're pretty gross. :)

09/01/2011 2:19pm

p.s. I love the name X. That's fantastic!


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