What my boyfriend says when I can't stop writing. @mykuyam
"I'm not going. I'm too scared," I told my boyfriend the night before the BlogHer 2012 Conference began.

"Xiomara, you paid the money. You love to write, and you're trying to get your career on track. Just go," he answered.

I was TERRIFIED by the idea of socially interacting with a large number of bloggers. "Will people care about my blog and what I write? Will I know what to talk about? Will people think I'm too young to be involved in this world?" I bombarded myself with ridiculous questions about ridiculous fears.

And now that Day One of the conference has ended and I'm currently sitting in a session of Day Two, my questions are answered: Bloggers here are accepting of who I am and interested in what I do; and I should be more confident in myself and my work. 

I am grateful for my partner, for his encouragement and daily reminders to "Just go" forward with my life, even if he misses me when I've spent five days straight writing on my MacBook Pro. I'm pleased to be at BlogHer12 amongst the many women and men who are passionate about blogging, whether they focus on political, parenting, or personal topics. I'm learning a lot and connecting with some amazing bloggers and blogueras.

But the most important bit of advice I can keep in my heart is said perfectly in the words of NH Representative Marilinda Garcia in the Ella Gobierna: Latinas in Elected Office session: 

"Be willing to try new things that come your way. Take risks. Go after your dreams. Your life will be more fulfilling."

Please share! Do you or have you ever had a dream that you were scared of fulfilling?



08/06/2012 6:46pm

I, for one, am thrilled you fought your fears and attended BlogHer12. I loved meeting you at the Newbie Breakfast. You were the first person I talked with and perhaps still one of my favorites ;) You were so open, kind and funny. I actually told many people about meeting you because I was just so happy to have met you (and you have a beautiful name). I look forward to following you and watching you grow and succeed. Thank you for talking with me and take care.

08/07/2012 1:05pm

Hi there! Thanks so much for leaving a comment on my post. I am so glad that I met you too; you were equally kind and fun to talk to. Thank you for sharing our meeting with others. It is heartening to know that I can have a positive impact on other bloggers. I look forward to our future interactions as well!

08/06/2012 11:46pm

I love the raw emotion of this! This is exactly how I felt the day I left Arizona to come to BlogHer. I loved meeting you and I'm looking forward to following your posts!

08/07/2012 2:15pm

Elizabeth, thanks so much! It was a pleasure meeting you as well. Conquering our fears is the only way to move forward in life!

08/07/2012 1:43pm

I am glad that you came to BlogHer'12. It was certainly great meeting you and yes we learned so much. I can relate to taking a risk. I have never been to such a big event by myself before. My first instinct is to go with someone as a security blanket. Going alone forced me to actually initiate conversations and talk to people I had never met. I also looked at it as a way to network with others. At some point I have to get over my fear of talking to strangers. I will definitely be back on your web site to read your posts. Keep Writing!!!

08/24/2012 12:54am

MizKp, I am so glad that I came to BlogHer'12 and met you there too! I'd never been to such a big event alone before either, and I was super nervous about it. It's true that going alone forces us to get those conversations started, which is the best thing to do if we are fearful of speaking with strangers. I am grateful to have another writer such as you as a reader.

08/18/2012 6:38pm

I had a great time talking to you after the Aiming Low party. You were funny, open and charming (much like your Blogger's Creed). Even after attending several BlogHers, it can still be tough to meet new people and strike up conversations. Good thing there are so many wonderful people there.

08/24/2012 1:20am

I loved talking with you too! I found you to be HILARIOUS and for a person like me who gets anxious during social interactions, it's great to meet someone who was very easy to talk to. I'm happy we've connected!

08/05/2013 6:55am

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