Equis and Mickey Mouse
Loud laughter erupts on the lower level of the Queen of Hearts Kiddie Cruise ship. A puppeteer commands his puppets and stuffed animals to stay quiet or to not flip, and the crowd of kids sitting before him find it hilarious when the puppets and animals are disobedient. My son and I sit on the carpeted floor watching his routine, and Equis is relatively entertained until a dragon puppet appears and scares him so much that he turns to cry into my shoulder. But Equis has fun running around, throwing himself on the floor and dancing with Princesses. 

With our VIP tickets, my mom, my sister, my sister's partner, my niece, Equis and I could have had a Meet and Greet with the ship's Captain, but we were delayed on the train and arrived too late! We have reserved window seating on the lower level and receive bagged lunches of jelly sandwiches and turkey sandwiches. The snacks included in the bag are yummy--apple slices, cookies and potato chips. My son, being the random eater that he is, eats one bite of everything and then runs to play with a balloon he finds. My nine-month-old niece eats more of her sandwich than my son does! 

I've got my loot!
I keep careful watch because there are large metal fans surrounding the area, and he keeps wanting to touch them. At one point, I bend under a fan to grab the balloon for Equis, and my hair gets caught in the fan! It hurts a bit but I'm just glad it wasn't his finger. The cruise is from 12 PM to 3 PM, so when the puppeteer returns for his second show, my sister takes Equis outside to view the majestic Statue of Liberty. The route provides stunning views of the New York City skyline and Ellis Island. 

While parents order juice and soda from the nearby bar, one of the princesses has story time with the children, some of whom are dressed as pirates and princesses, and asks them to help her magically grow a flower. The kids yell, "Whoa!" in amazement when a flower pops out of the green plant. It's all very cute. Equis is more amused by the pirate booty he's found--gold and bronze coins--and holds up proudly for me to see.

I love balloons!
Equis and I then climb the stairs to the upper deck to hear the band play and get his face painted. While I wait in line, Equis has great fun ripping the pink and yellow streamers from where they are wound around a pole (Oops!). I'm wowed that he manages to sit still long enough for the artist to paint three blue circles onto his face to create Mickey Mouse. I'm less surprised to find blue paint on my blouse not even two minutes later. 

The line for the balloon art seems too long to wait on for my restless son so we skip that, but he finds a balloon sword that another child has ditched because it's come undone. He loves playing with it anyway until he pops it with his front teeth!

Waiting for the Puppet Show.
Overall, we have a fun time aboard the Kiddie Cruise, and when we disembark at Pier 40 of Chelsea Piers to retrieve the strollers from where they've been parked, Equis is more than ready for his nap. The Princess and Pirate Adventure has really tired him out! 

I'm glad we took this trip because we've been trying to make the most of our summer in New York City by doing activities we never or rarely do, and the Kiddie Cruise was a new fun adventure to go on in our hometown. Although I think that at 23-months-old, Equis didnt have the attention span needed to really engage with the shows, he found other ways to have fun, and it was clear to me that the older children were having a fantastic time.

In all honesty, I wouldn't have been able to afford the VIP tickets for the cruise at this moment in time so I'm grateful we were given the opportunity to join the fun through complimentary tickets; but when I'm employed again and Equis is older, I definitely want to take my son aboard the Queen of Hearts for another great adventure. What kinds of adventures do you have planned for the rest of summer?

If you'd like to take the special children in your life on the Kiddie Cruise: A Princess and Pirate Adventure to experience the shows, arts and crafts, music, pretty views and food for themselves, visit www.kiddiecruise.com and use discount code "EQUIS" for $5 off the original price.

I received six complimentary VIP tickets to Kiddie Cruise on the condition that I'd post a review of the Princess and Pirate Adventure within two weeks after the trip date. This post represents my honest experience aboard the Kiddie Cruise, and all opinions stated are my own.


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