Bored? Unhappy? Wishing you could do something creative?

That's how I felt this morning when I remembered this fab card idea that I found on Pinterest some weeks ago. It's from the blog A Day In My Life, and I believed the card was so beautiful I wanted to try it myself.

But I've been so down in my battle with depression lately that I haven't done much of anything this past month. 

Thankfully, I had a wonderful day with my best friend, Naima, talking and sitting in Barnes & Noble yesterday. During this session, I made a list of goals that would make me feel better--creating this card was one. 

What I love most about the "I Love You This Much" card is that it captures the size and shape of your child's hands at a certain age. Ffor Equis, that's 29 months old!

Originally, I was thinking of doing the card for Valentine's day, but I decided to just do it as a reminder to him how much we appreciate him. It's a meaningful way to show a parent just how much your child loves them.

So, although I had pledged to do nothing today in order to relax, I decided instead to do something nice for someone else and in the meantime entertain myself with some arts and crafts.

The items needed for my version of the "I Love You This Much" card are:
  • Color Copy Machine
  • Scissors
  • Glue Stick
  • 2 Thin Cardboard pieces (or 1 large enough to fit two of your child's hands)
  • Crayola Finger Paints
  • Thick Colored Paper
  • Scrapbook Sticker Letters
  • Crayon and stickers of your choice

STEP ONE: I made a color copy Equis' hands using the copy machine, and cut the hands out. 

You can imagine how difficult it was to do this step with a restless 2-year-old. 

I had to hold his hands in place and keep repeating, "Wow! Look at the light!"

I also had to clean the copier glass of hand oils afterwards.

I kept thinking the copies of the hands looked a little creepy, but I promise they look less frightening as time goes on! 

2. STEP TWO: I glued the hands to thin pieces of cardboard and cut the hands out again.

You can use whatever materials you have around the house. I used two pieces of cardboard that came with my Queen size sheet set. 

I made sure to glue the hands to the side with the writing so the opposite side would be blank.

Other Ideas for Future: I might as well have glued the entire copy to the cardboard first and then cut out the hands, but, apparently, I like to make projects more complicated. 

STEP THREE: I finger-painted the blank side of the cardboard.

I used my son's Crayola Finger Paints to color the cardboard side of the hands blue and orange. It was a little messy, but the paint dried within fifteen minutes and it was easy to wash off of my hands.

Other Ideas for Future: 
  • I could've copied my son's hands right onto colored card stock to skip this step entirely, but I like the kid aspect of finger paint; and if your child is older, they can do this part themselves! 
  • Finger-paint the cardboard before gluing the hands on to avoid accidentally getting paint onto the hand copies like I did.

STEP FOUR: I cut a strip of thick paper and folded it like an accordion into ten squares.

I had some trouble making the strip a perfect rectangle. To fix its lopsided appearance, I folded the paper until it looked sort of like a square and then cut off a side to make it actually look more like a square.

Note that the two end squares will be attached to the hands.

Other Ideas for Future: Using a ruler or some other kind of cool crafts tool could make for a more perfect rectangular strip.

STEP FIVE: I used scrapbook sticker letters to create a message.

I used the letters to spell out "I Love You" on the painted side of the right hand and then "Daddy" on the painted side of the left hand.

I then spelled out "This Much" on the middle eight squares of the folded strip of paper.

I found the backside of the strip of paper to be too plain so I added some stickers and wrote another message on the white side in crayon (not in marker or pen so it can't be seen through the paper). 

Now, the card is reversible! (But I'm keeping the second message secret.)

FINAL STEP: I glued all the pieces together!
That's it. Once the ends of the paper strip are glued to the copy sides of the hands, the card is done. All in all, this entire process took me less than an hour to complete.

"Wow. This is really creative! How did you do it?" my boyfriend said when Equis gave him the card.

Yay! I'm so glad Equis' Daddy loves it! I'm even gladder I haven't completely lost my creativity.

How did you spend your Saturday? Would you take time out to make a card like this one?


01/19/2013 6:57pm

I like your craft project! How cute for a child to make this and give it to a mommy or daddy!

Happy Saturday!


01/19/2013 7:21pm

Thank you, Linda! I think it's so sweet too. <3

01/19/2013 7:30pm

That is so cute!! I hadn't seen this before; but it is adorable! Could be a good project to do at church for the kids to give to their moms on Mother's Day!


01/19/2013 7:41pm

Thanks, Betty. I agree--it'd be a great project for church or school. I'm sure parents would love it!

01/19/2013 7:41pm

You're a caring, loving, unbelievable mommy!!! Can you be my mommy for a day? Good work X!!!!

01/19/2013 7:48pm

Hey, I already have two sons! And thanks.

01/19/2013 8:02pm

Such a sweet idea! I think I'll gather the kids and give it a try. Thanks. :)

01/19/2013 8:03pm

Oh! I'd love to see the results!


This is an awesome craft! I understand the blues. The long, dark cold Winter does not help. Peace.

01/22/2013 4:52am

No, the winter certainly does not help! Thanks for visiting.

Austine Etcheverry
01/20/2013 11:58pm

Love your card, it is a very cute and creative idea.

01/22/2013 4:54am

Thanks, Austine, for visiting and commenting! The card was fun to do, and, of course, I must give credit where credit is due: A Day In My Life certainly inspired me to do this great project.

10/18/2013 1:17pm

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