If you want to see children go wild, give them a few tubes of finger paint. 

Over the weekend, I allowed my son and stepson to do just that with the Crayola finger paints that Equis' Titi Naima gave to him for his 2nd birthday.

The boys had so much fun squishing their feet and hands into the paint and pressing them onto the paper!

Never mind that I then had blue, orange and green paint all over the clean yellow bed sheets and our tiled floor and all of our clothing. Good thing the paint is washable!

So I decided to do a Footprint Frame craft to salvage at least part of what the boys were making. Best of all,  like the DIY "I Love You This Much" card, the Footprint Frame is a great way to capture the kids'  ages and sizes at this moment in time. 

I think your kids would love this craft too! Best of all, it's very simple to execute.

Here's What You'll Need:
  • Photo Frame (8"x10")
  • Crayola Washable Finger Paint
  • Paint and Marker Pad
  • Construction Paper
  • Printer/Printer paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue Stick

Step 1: Evenly spread finger paint on bottoms of feet.
Be sure not to rub too much paint onto the bottoms of your child's feet or the footprint will look less like a footprint and more like a mess of paint. Also, it would take forever to dry.

Step 2: Press feet onto paint paper.
Help your child gently but firmly press their feet onto the paid pad paper. Repeat if need be. Watch them if they're toddlers! They'll be quick to make a dozen footprints one on top of the other like my son and stepson did.

OR Scan Prints and Overlay Text for Above Project
Step 3: Cut out footprints.
You can always frame the footprint as is, but I chose to cut it out, following the natural curvature of the sole, heel and toes to maintain the shape. 

Step 4: Paste Footprints onto construction paper.

Step 5: Print "Walk With Me" poem.
I printed a poem called "Walk With Me, Daddy" by Helen Bush and glued it onto construction paper. 

I modified the poem by replacing the word "Daddy" with "please" so that the footprint frame could be relevant to both my boyfriend and me. To the left, is the original.

Step 6: Label the footprints with the names and ages of your children.
Those white smudges on my Footprint Frame photo are really the names and ages of my son and stepson, which I've pixellated for safekeeping.

I printed the names, cut and pasted them; but you can always just write directly near the footprints.

Step 7: Frame your masterpiece!
You're done! You now have a beautifully unique home decoration and a memory keepsake.

What do you think of the DIY Footprint Frame?



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